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Living and Loving To Craft

About Wambui Made It

I love the idea of creating – I love creating!  I like the idea of making something out of nothing. I love the idea of taking certain materials and forming them into new shapes and into new objects for new uses - or, no practical use at all - just something pretty to look at.

My name is Wambui Bahati. I am American - born in the USA.

I currently live in New York City. At this time with the exception of my grandchildren, I love crafting - making things with my hands - more than anything.

It is my hope that we keep the arts of sewing, knitting, quilting and paper crafts alive and well for the future generations. Here at / Wambui Made It, I offer my hand made products for your practical and esthetic pleasure. 

Most of the sewn or knitted products are one of a kind. 

Sublimated products like mugs or bag tags can be produce in large quantities and can be personalized.